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 “But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all:”


Paul now proceeds from the Trinity’s role in giving the gifts, bestowing ministries, and producing the results to those who have the gifts. God gives each believer a function to do, and each function is different.


But the manifestation of the Spirit is given

The word “manifestation” carries the ideas of clear, evident, make known. Each of the believer’s gifts makes obvious the Holy Spirit endowment of capacities to the church. God wants each believer to manifest his gifts in the local church. If he does not use his gifts, then he hides the rich diversity of gifts received from the Holy Spirit. This is a supernatural dynamic, not a natural dynamic. It goes beyond natural function and natural talents such as leading, speaking or singing. The Holy Spirit supernaturally confers gifts upon believers, not an institution.

to each one

God gives gifts to each believer and leaves no one out. Each believer has a supernatural capacity to serve the church.

for the profit of all:

God designed gifts with a view to the good or edification of the church. God did not design gifts for selfish use but the good or profit of the entire church.


Spiritual gifts are for the profit of all believers.


We should not think of the local church as a human organization doing human things. It is a spiritual organism functioning under the Holy Spirit. The church is not an organization but an organism, a living group of children of God edifying one another. If God gifts us to preach and we go out and preach “better housing and sanitation,” then we prostitute our gift.