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“does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil;”


does not behave rudely,

“Rudely” is literally without form. “Rudely” carries the ideas of unbecomingly, without due form. This is a person devoid of proper manner and grace. A rude person fails to give people their proper due or respect. Love does not wound the distinction of others. The idea is that love does not act without proper form.


Love manifests graciousness towards others.


Some people are overbearing and care little for how they affect the feelings of others. They are crude socially. Some love to be blunt and, in some cases, brutal with others. These are people without tact who do not give others their proper due and respect. They have no sense of giving consideration and honor to others. On the other hand, love acts graciously towards everyone. Love forgets self and gives honor to others.