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 6 among whom you also are the called of Jesus Christ;  


among whom you also are the called

Jesus Christ also called Roman believers. As God called Paul to be an apostle, He also called Romans to be saints (1:7). God summoned them by an effectual call to accept His grace.

Salvation is the outworking of something already done on our behalf. It is analogous to a lawyer calling us and indicating that we will receive a vast inheritance. We as heirs of property become owners in the light of the law. The lawyer works out the details for us. God calls us to a privilege and function.

of Jesus Christ;

Roman saints were called to be Christ’s possession.


Faith cannot stand alone without an effect.


Faith does not stand alone. God calls us to bring the gospel to “all nations.” We witness for “His name.” Every believer is an ambassador; we represent Him on earth in time.

The outcome of the gospel results in both justification and sanctification. Faith in the gospel message will result in obedience of sanctification. True faith and obedience are inseparable.

Mission is at the heart of Christian responsibility. The name of Christ deserves our entire devotion. We need to pass it on. This will transform our lives.