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5 But in accordance with your hardness and your impenitent heart you are treasuring up for yourself wrath in the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God,  



When we see a “but,” we know that what follows stands in contrast to what preceded. In contrast to repentance, we find hardness of heart.

in accordance with your hardness

The words “accordance with” in the Greek mean according to the standard of. The standard is accumulation of God’s judicial wrath.

People reject revelation of God’s mercy because of a heart problem. The Greek word “hardness” is a word from which we get the English medical term “sclerosis.” We say that person has “sclerosis of heart.” We mean by that there is a hardening of something related to the physical heart. The idea here is a stubborn or hard heart toward God, an obstinate attitude toward God and especially toward His mercy. This is spiritual sclerosis.

and your impenitent heart

An “impenitent heart” is an unrepentant heart. There is a proclivity of a hard heart to turn into an unrepentant heart.

you are treasuring up [storing up] for yourself wrath

God’s wrath is in the process of being stored up by individuals as in a great reservoir until the day when He pours His judgment on hardened people. Those who have hardened and unrepentant hearts are making their judgment even greater.

in the day of wrath

This is the final day of God’s wrath. All God’s wrath that people accumulate will break out on the fixed and final day of wrath. This is the Great White Throne Judgment for non-Christians. Wrath is a proper aspect of God’s character.

and revelation of the righteous [just] judgment of God,

That day will be not only a day of God’s wrath but it will be a day of “revelation.” God will make known why His very own righteousness is the reason for His wrath. That day people will finally “get it.” It will be clear without doubt that it is a “righteous or just judgment.” God will base His judgment on truth (Ro 2:2) and it will be impartial (Ro 2:11).


Truth resisted hardens the heart.


The wrath of God against man is deserved because God clearly manifested Himself to man. Man chose willful ignorance in the face of clear revelation. Mankind rejected God on two bases: (1) His revelation in creation and (2) God’s attributes of compassion (chapter 2).

Those who know but resist truth do not go away in neutral condition but go away with a hardened heart. The next time they encounter truth, it is harder to accept. There are consequences to negative volition.