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16 Destruction and misery are in their ways;


Destruction [ruin] and misery are in their ways;

This is the twelfth indictment of man.

Sinful mankind destroys himself spiritually by violence; thus, misery follows his way. The word “destruction” (literally, to rub together) refers to ruin that results from their negative, agitating activity. One idea of this word is to break in pieces, to shatter. These people shatter the lives of others.

The second word, “misery,” is the wretchedness that comes from “ruin.” Misery is the result of the harm people perpetrate on others. They leave a path of pain for themselves and others.

Their “ways” is their manner of life resulting from their philosophy of life.


Sinful mankind leaves wreckage in its wake.


There is a heart in people to destroy others. They abuse others for their own pleasure. Thus, mankind runs over others for its own ends, with no concern for others or how it may harm them.