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7 “Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven, And whose sins are covered;


And whose sins are covered;

“Covered” means covered over. The tense indicates that God covered sin categorically and decisively. This is more than sins sent away, as previously stated. “Covered” carries the idea of keeping them from the eyes of God’s norms and standards. God does not look on our sins with a view to judgment because Christ dealt with them on the cross.


God does not hold our sins against us, because Christ permanently paid the penalty for them.


There is a difference between sins forgiven and sins covered. The idea of forgiveness is that God sends our sins away to be placed on Jesus. The cross punished Jesus rather than the sinner. “Covered” is God’s work on our behalf for atonement. The idea of atonement is that God covered sins from His view. This is what the Old Testament sacrifice did. Something covered is still there. It was something temporary. However, when Christ died, He took away our sins so that they were not merely covered, but obliterated. There is no time frame in that; it was permanent.