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25 who was delivered up because of our offenses, and was raised because of our justification.


and was raised [by God] because of [cause] our justification.

The resurrection of Christ was the vindication of God’s acceptance of the sacrifice for our sins. His resurrection brought about the reality of our justification before God. God raised Jesus as a preview of all those who follow Him. When we are raised from the dead, we stand right before God right in His eyes. The resurrection of Jesus authenticates our resurrection. Jesus’ resurrection was not the sole cause of our being calculated as righteous by God, but it was a factor in how God will accept us in eternity.


The resurrection of Jesus confirms that God will accept our resurrection.


The resurrection of Christ confirms that God secures our resurrection. Jesus settled the account to God in full. Without the resurrection of Jesus, we would not know whether our account was paid in full. This completes the work of Christ on our behalf. Our justification is full in every respect:

God justifies us by faith in the death of Christ for our sins.

God will justify us when we enter His presence.

When we meet God, it will be apparent that God justified us. The ultimate evidence of our salvation is our full acceptance by God. He accepted the resurrection of Jesus and He accepts our resurrection. Jesus represents us in every respect, and God is satisfied with Him and us fully.