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11 More than that, we also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received reconciliation.


The ninth result of justification is that we have permanent reconciliation to God (v.11). Fellowship with God is the capstone of all of our benefits.

11 More than that [our future salvation],

The words “more than” show that Paul piled up further riches of justification, bringing us now to the capstone of the wonders of justification.

This phrase again argues from the greater to the lesser. We exult in our salvation but, more than that, we exult in God Himself. Since God saved us from being His enemy (the lesser), we can now exult in God Himself (the greater).

we also rejoice [jubilant exultation] in God through our Lord Jesus Christ,

We rejoice in God in time about the eternal salvation He provided. The basis of that joy is “through our Lord Jesus Christ.” He is our personal Mediator or Advocate to the standards of God.

through [means] whom [Christ] we have now [present reality] received [as a gift] reconciliation.

The work for our salvation was finished in Christ. We therefore stand reconciled with God. It is finished; nothing more needs to be done about our salvation. Jesus resolved or reconciled enmity between God and man.


Rejoicing in God Himself is the ultimate benefit of justification.


God should have the central place in our lives. It is because of what Christ did on the cross that we can exult in God Himself. Otherwise, we could never bear His judgment on our lives. This is the ultimate purpose of creation and of eternity.

We will rejoice in God in eternity but we rejoice in God now, in time. We can enjoy what we will do in eternity now—rejoice in God Himself.