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2 For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.


2 For

The “for” here connects the “in Christ Jesus” of verse one with the “in Christ Jesus” of this verse. God does not condemn believers, because God identified them with what Christ did on the cross. Christians are not condemned because they are sanctified but because they are justified or because they are “in Christ.” The demands of the law were fulfilled in Christ.

the law [regulative principle] of the Spirit of life

The word “law” in this verse is a sphere of domination, a regulative principle. The sphere of domination is that of life from the Holy Spirit. There is a new law or principle for new life in Christ. The Holy Spirit is the animating principle who imparts new life to the believer.

The law of the Spirit of life is the power of the Holy Spirit by which He unites the believer to Christ. Christ’s righteousness and thus the believer’s status of being right before God are united in one. This results in “life” received from the Spirit.

in Christ Jesus

The principle by which the Holy Spirit works is the believer’s position “in Christ Jesus.” Our position or spiritual union in Christ makes us free. The “law of the Spirit of life” gives life based on our status with Christ.

The presence of the Holy Spirit is the distinctive mark or identity of the Christian. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit gives the believer a new life that resides within.


There is no condemnation for the Christian, because he is united with Christ by being “in Christ.”


The Holy Spirit works under the principle of our status in Christ Jesus. Our eternal security of “no condemnation” frees us to live the Christian life under the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Christians are no longer under the regulative principle of the Law for salvation or sanctification because of our position in Christ and the indwelling Holy Spirit. We operate under the principle of the life of the Holy Spirit in us. This is the new sphere of domination in our lives. It is also the animating principle whereby we live the Christian life.