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37 Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.


Verse 37 is the answer to the question in verse 35, “Who will separate us from the love of Christ?”.

37 Yet [strong contrast]

In strong contrast to the sufferings of this life, Christians will more than conquer them.

in all these things

“All these things” refers to the litany of suffering in the previous verses. In terms of separation from Christ through trials, Christians will triumph in eternity. They will have victory in not most but “all these things.”

we are more than conquerors [super-conquerors]

Christians will ultimately prevail over all evil in the eternal state. The word “conquerors” is a Greek verb (nikaw) from which we get the English proper noun “Nike,” meaning victory. The Greek word for “more than” means surpassing. Christians will have surpassing victory as super-conquerors because of their eternal security in Christ’s love.

through Him who loved us.

The all-embracing love of Christ is what will give Christians victory. The victory is ascribed to Him.


Our ultimate salvation is impregnable because of the fact that Christ loves believers.


Jesus’ love for believers enables them to triumph eternally. Christian triumph does not pertain to inherent Christian power but to the love of Christ. Christ’s love, which provides eternal life that the believer cannot lose, makes believers more than conquerors; that is our ultimate victory. No matter what might happen to us in this life, we know we have before us eternal fellowship with the Lord.