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5 so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.


Not only does the church represent Christ as a unified body, but the individual Christian represents Him as well by his or her gift/s.

5 so we, though many,

The church has many kinds of members.

are one body in Christ,

A single body has many components. There is unity in a body with different members, in diversity. The components of the body, such as the hand and foot, do not have the same function, but they work toward the single function of the body.

The use of the term “body” shows that the church is not an organization but an organism. It is a living entity and animated by life in Christ.

and individually members one of another [of the same kind].

The word “another” means another of the same kind. The true church consists of believers only. True integration in the body means we believe in the death of Christ for forgiveness of our sins in order to be saved. Differences of personality, giftedness, or role do not mean we are not part of the body of Christ. We should not allow differences to destroy our unity. This requires humility.

There is unity in diversity. Although people have different gifts, they are part of the one body of Christ. The relationship of believer with believer is closer than in an organization. The church is not an organization but an organism, an entity that functions in a living way.


The biblical principle is not uniformity but unity in diversity.


The church is one body with various interdependent functions. Each member of the body of Christ with his gifts belongs to every other member. True unity comes from our being in Christ. That is not colorless uniformity. Each member depends on the other. This is an interdependence on one another. Christian interrelatedness is important to how the body of Christ functions. We are members one of another:

Eph 4:25, Therefore, putting away lying, Let each one of you speak truth with his neighbor,” for we are members of one another.

The church functions best interdependently, with variety in unity. Our unity is one body in Christ; the sum is greater than its parts. It is Jesus around whom we unify and are unified. Yet each of us has our role through our giftedness in the church. God works through diversity, not uniformity.

However God may gift us, His concern for us is that we function within our giftedness. It is God who qualifies us through that giftedness.