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6 Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them: if prophecy, in proportion to our faith;


Verses three to five give the principle behind gifts, and verses six to eight the application of the principle. The idea of the organic body is best seen in the function of gifts donated by God to individuals in the church.

Verses six to eight deal with the exercise of our spiritual gifts within the body of Christ. These verses are a catalogue of seven spiritual gifts. The body is one but it has many different members, such as eyes, arms, and legs. The arm cannot hear nor the ear function as an arm. Each is needed in its own role. Each Christian is needed according to his or her gifting. Use of our gifts directly relates to our service for the Lord.

The gifts listed in Romans 12 are not exhaustive, thus the list of seven here are merely suggestive. There are approximately 20 different gifts listed in the New Testament.

6 Having gifts that differ

The Greek word for “gifts” has the Greek word grace (charis) at its root. A gift is a grace-gift. It is an endowment from God for doing His work not based on any merit of our own. The prerogative of giving this gift rests on God and Him alone. Every Christian has at least two gifts. These gifts are to be used under God’s divine design for the church.

“Differ” indicates diversity. Verses six to eight will show how seven gifts differ. Believers have different gifts for varying purposes. There are different strokes for different folks.

A spiritual gift is a special, supernatural endowment to do the work of God. For a more extensive study of the gifts for every believer, see my studies beginning with this study:


God has endowed each Christian with a capacity to serve Him.


Christians are not all formed from the same cookie cutter in giftedness and function. We do not all wear the same uniform.

The church cannot be what it should be without each member using his gift for the glory of God. We need each other. Each of us has something to contribute to others in the body. We will do this if we “present” ourselves to God according to verses one and two.

God expects us to do our part in the body of Christ. He does not anticipate that we will do what others can do. As the leg is not supposed to do the work of the arm, so the person with the gift of helps is not to do the work of pastor-teacher. God placed us into the body with a particular role. A believer who does not use his gift is paralyzed spiritually.