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2 Let each of us please his neighbor for his good, leading to edification.


The purpose of pleasing weaker Christians is for their “edification,” the building of an edification construct in their spiritual lives.

2 Let each of us please his neighbor [the weak believer] for his good,

Pleasing others in close proximity is not an end in itself. The purpose is to build the edification construct of other Christians. It is “good” for immature believers to grow into spiritual maturity.

Paul included himself in thinking of the welfare of weak Christians above the self.

leading to edification.

Once a believer acquires an edification construction, we can deem him a mature believer. “Edification” means to build up, with the end of the building in view. The idea is to build a spiritual structure or edifice in the soul. This is done through a maximum application of the principles of Scripture to experience. It is not enough to understand academically the principles of Scripture; we must metabolize them in our experience.

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We do not seek the approval of others but we subordinate our convenience so that others can grow to maturity.


Mature believers are to orient to the immature in their attitudes but not follow their legalism. Legalism always leads to immature Christian living. If the mature were to yield to legalism, that would bring the entire church down to a level below the principle of grace. However, the mature must carry a deep concern for those trapped in legalism so that they can move toward maturity. Living by scruples is no adequate standard of Christian living.

The principle of this verse does not mean that we always defer to any whim of fellow Christians. Rebuke is necessary at times but with the assumption that the reproof will help the person to grow in Christ.

Forbearance is not the same as maudlin sentimentalism. We should not be agreeable when we should be truthful. Sometimes it is necessary for the physician to tell the truth. God does not call us to weak compliance to the biases of others but to a determination to build them up in the faith, to the edification construct of their soul.