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7 Therefore receive one another, just as Christ also received us, to the glory of God.


Verses 7 to 13 conclude the discussion on doubtful things (14:1-15:13).

7 Therefore

Paul now drew an inference about how Christians are to relate to one another (14:1-15:6). Because believers are to seek the edification of all believers regardless of their differences, they are to accept one another.

receive one another,

To “receive” carries the idea of to accept. In the present tense, the idea is to keep on accepting or receiving one another. Both mature and immature are to accept one another irrespective of their differences.

just as

The words “just as” indicate the manner in which Jesus handled the same situation. The issue is not so much the differing viewpoints held but the way the difference is handled between fellow believers. Mutual acceptance of the relationship between believers is important, no matter how they differ on the issues.

Christ also received us,

Christ is the supreme example of accepting others. He received us with all our foibles. Are we to expect that Jesus will receive of us with all our problems while we don’t accept others with their issues? We are not to allow doubtful things or non-essential issues to stand between us and other Christians. We are to compare how we handle differences with how Jesus handled them. He humbled Himself for others.

to the glory of God.

Jesus received us so that we would bring glory to God, the glory that belongs to God’s character. All Christian unity comes to the place of magnifying who and what God is. It is to the glory of God that Christ welcomes sinners to Himself. Mutual acceptance among believers brings glory to God.


Mutual acceptance among believers brings glory to God.


Since Christ accepted us despite our problems and sins, we should accept one another. We should not let doubtful things get in the way of fellowship among Christians. Harmony implies variety. Each of us with our differences brings a special dimension to the church. This will bring glory to God.

Biblically, there is a brotherhood of the redeemed, but there is no brotherhood of mankind. It is true that all people are fellow creatures made by God, but that does not make us all brothers.