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5 Likewise greet the church that is in their house. Greet my beloved Epaenetus, who is the firstfruits of Achaia to Christ.


Greet my beloved Epaenetus,

Paul greeted Epaenetus, whom he called “beloved” or “dear friend.” This is the only mention of Epaenetus in the New Testament. Paul, the great theologian and expositor of the Bible, was a lover of people as well as a great intellect.

who is the firstfruits of Achaia [Proconsular Asia] to Christ.

Epaenetus was one of the first converts of the province of Proconsular Asia. Paul probably led him to Christ when he first entered Asia in what we call Turkey today. He was now part of the church at Rome.


We offer those we lead to Christ as fruit to the Lord.


Paul considered those he led to Christ as fruit. He deemed his leading Epaenetus to Christ as fruit for our Lord. Paul offered his first convert as first-fruit to Christ.