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6 Greet Mary, who labored much for us.


6 Greet Mary,

It is amazing that Paul knew so many people in Rome and Corinth. This is especially true because there were no cell phones, text messages, television, or any other modern system of communication. Yet he knew many individuals. Not only did he know them, but also he knew details about their lives. He knew most of them personally. He probably met them in his missionary travels. He never lost track of them.

who labored much for us [Greek—“you”].

This Mary was not any of the Marys of the gospels.

Her special commendation was that she worked very hard for the Roman church. She willingly spent energy for the local church. “Labored” means labored to the point of exhaustion. Mary must have played an important role in the Roman church. She worked hard at ministry.


It is proper to recognize those who devote themselves to the local church.


There are many in the local church who devote themselves to serving God through the local assembly. Many women in particular serve the church today. This is commendable in the sight of God.