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26 but now made manifest, and by the prophetic Scriptures made known to all nations, according to the commandment of the everlasting God, for obedience to the faith—


26 but now

At the time Paul wrote, there was a difference in how God dealt with people because the “mystery” was revealed. The church formed a new entity by God’s dealings with believers.

made manifest,

The “mystery” hidden in the Old Testament God revealed in the New Testament. The Greek indicates that God made the mystery known at a definite event (aorist). God manifested His plan of the church in Jesus Christ to the apostle Paul (Eph 3).

and by the prophetic Scriptures

The Old Testament prophets foretold God’s plan of salvation only in part. The “prophetic Scriptures” here are the writings of the New Testament. Paul’s writings gave the specifics. The new economy or dispensation arrived where both Jew and Gentile are in one entity or one body called the church.

There is no definite article before “prophetic” or “Scriptures.” This means that Paul did not refer to Old Testament prophets but to New Testament writings.

made known to all nations,

God made known that the church was to include Gentiles as well as Jews. After Pentecost, Christ came to dwell with all believers. This was something that was not true in the Old Testament. God only indwelt a few select anointed believers for special service. In the New Testament God began to indwell each believer permanently (Co 1:26, 27). Every believer is now baptized by the Holy Spirit into the body of Christ (1 Co 12:13). He is now in us. We are in Christ and He is in us.

according to the commandment of the everlasting God,

The “everlasting God” commands that we take the Great Commission to everyone.

for obedience to the faith—

God’s purpose in prophetic Scriptures is that the “nations” will come to believe in the gospel. We must announce the gospel to everyone. This is the proper response to the “commandment” of the previous clause.


As ambassadors of Christ we are to carry the gospel to everyone.


Those in the church today are ambassadors for Christ (2 Co 5:20). We represent heaven on earth.