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27 to God, alone wise, be glory through Jesus Christ forever. Amen.


We now come to the last verse in our study of Romans. The book concludes with praise to God for the content of the book of Romans.

27 to God,

Verse 27 is an ascription of glory to God. Paul asserted a final statement of praise to God in the book of Romans.

alone wise,

When it comes to wisdom, only God has eternal wisdom. Only He has a full grasp of reality. To accept any reality other than what God offers is a limited, finite, and insufficient concept of truth. We see God’s wisdom especially in the gospel (1 Co 1:18-25). Everything begins and ends with God.

be glory

We can see God’s glory through salvation in Christ. God does the doing, so He gets the glory.

through Jesus Christ forever.

We glorify God best through Jesus Christ. We see the glory of God especially in Jesus Christ. There will be no cessation of glory to God through Jesus Christ. We will glorify God for eternity because of Christ. Everything originates and culminates in Him.


The word “amen” means so be it. This is a word of affirmation carrying the idea of something sure. Paul set his seal on the unique God, who alone is wise and who accomplished what He did through Jesus Christ forever.


Only God’s wisdom could have established the ideas of the book of Romans.


Only eternal wisdom could provide the operating assets of the book of Romans. To Him be the glory for this.

I hope that you have grown in God’s assets for you in our study of Romans. May God help you to even more mature in Christ because of these studies.