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2 in [on] hope of eternal life which God, who cannot lie, promised before time began,  


2 in hope of eternal life

Faith and knowledge (v. 1) rest on the hope of eternal life. The Greek word translated “in” means upon. It indicates on the basis of hope. Paul confidently anticipated what is to come (1 Ti 4:10), a full life with Christ in eternity. The idea is Paul’s apostleship rested upon eternal life that God provides. It was his basic incentive for his ministry as an apostle. As Christians also, this is our hope. We do not yet have all that God provides for us.

“Hope” in the New Testament carries the idea of confidence. Paul was confident in his expectation of eternal life. This confidence comes from the nature of God and His promise (next phrases). Our English word implies uncertainty (“I hope it doesn’t rain today”). Biblical hope is no wish but a certainty.


Hope is the basis for the superstructure underpinning service to the Lord.


Hope of eternal life is the basis for the superstructure of the Christian faith and upon which we build our service to the Lord. Our confidence in our expectation of eternal life is a motivation for doing what we do for the Lord.