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2 that the older men be sober, reverent, temperate, sound in faith, in love, in patience;


Titus 2:2-10 advocates requirements necessary for a church to influence its communities (2:11-14). These standards are countercultural. Because they are outside the norm, they are not popular among evangelicals today. 

Paul challenged five sections in the church:

Older men, v. 2

Older women, vv. 3-4a

Young women, vv. 4b-5

Young men, vv. 6-8

Slaves (employees), vv. 9-10

2 that the older men

The first group suitable for healthy teaching in the local church is “older men.” There are certain characteristics of maturity in older men that must align with what the church teaches. Titus lists six characteristics important for these men.

be sober,

“Sober” refers to serious mindedness, vigilance. Older men are to be clear-headed with sound judgment. They are to use judgment and be prudent about church affairs. These men should watch out for and be on the alert for anything that would dishonor the Lord. Sobriety represents a clear mind that results in good judgment. Sober people are free from the excesses of life.


Judgment is important for ministry.


It is easy for our lives to get out of balance. We can emphasize things that God does not prioritize. God’s priorities are to be sound in faith, love, and tenacity. It is easy to get off on trails not at the core of biblical priority. Today we find evangelical Christians on some crusade or the other. But how important are these pursuits?