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4 that they admonish the young women to love their husbands, to love their children,


Older women have responsibility toward younger women.

4 that

The “that” here is a purpose clause. It is the first of four purpose statements in this section (cf. vv. 5, 8, 10).

they admonish [train] the young women

Older women were to teach younger women to do certain things. It was not Titus’s duty to instruct younger women; rather, older women were to do this. This was a propriety issue. In addition, women could better model God’s values to women.

“Admonish” carries the idea of to encourage. Older women were to challenge younger women to cultivate judgment about certain things.


Mature Christian women should influence younger women.


Most young women in the first century were married. Their social sphere was normally in the home. They exercised their greatest influence at home. Their husbands could see their love the best in their domestic lives.