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6 Likewise, exhort the young men to be sober-minded, 


Verses six to eight contain challenges to young men. Titus was to be a personal example and was to challenge them by words. Paul kept the reputation of the church in view.

6 Likewise,

Just as there are challenges to older men, older women, and younger women, there are challenges to young men.

exhort the young men

Titus was to challenge young men of the congregations with words.

to be sober-minded,

Young men need to understand the principle of self-restraint. Youth has its temptation in pleasure and folly. A sober-minded person holds a common-sense dimension towards life. Young men have the proclivity to be brash, impulsive, and volatile.


Self-restraint is crucial for younger men.


Reputation comes from character. When people observe our lives, they must see a manifestation of our character that comes from God. True Christian character should be immediately recognizable. Others can see that Christians are not self-indulgent but self-controlled. They can see what the Lord does for young men who are mature believers.