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8 which He made to abound toward us in all wisdom and prudence,


Verse eight continues to develop the “riches of His grace” of the previous verse.


“Which” refers to God’s grace. God redeems us according to the riches of His grace freely exercised toward us.

He made to abound toward us

God made His grace abound toward us. “Abound” means to go beyond, to overflow. He made abundant provision of grace for our salvation.

in all wisdom and prudence [understanding],

God not only gives us grace but He gives the wisdom and prudence to appreciate it. “Wisdom” is the ability to apply God’s grace to our experience. God gives divine insight into His grace. Redemption is divine wisdom; this is a wisdom that the world cannot offer.

“Prudence” is understanding, the subjective grasp of grace. God gives us all the understanding necessary to walk with Him by grace on a daily basis. Understanding is the mental exercise or state of the entire soul, the state of mind. It involves not only the intellectual activity of the mind but also the activity of its affections. God communicates His mentality of grace with both objective revelation and the subjective understanding of it. This is the work of the Holy Spirit.


God made known the revelation of His grace in immeasurable degree.


God carefully manifests His grace toward us by giving us the wisdom and prudence to grasp it. Grace cannot be understood by an impetuous approach; it takes both wisdom and understanding. Grace is something we need to think about carefully