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10 that in the dispensation of the fullness of the times He might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven and which are on earth—in Him.


He might gather together

After God finishes with the dispensation of grace, there will come a time when He will gather all things together in Christ. He will bring unity to time and space, a completeness to the seasons of God’s design.

The words “might gather together” come from an unusual word meaning to sum up again. All things were summed up in Christ previously; however, there came a time when things ceased to be united to Him. The fall made things fall apart but redemption reunites some people to Christ. “Might gather together” conveys the idea of the main point. The focal point is that God will bring all things together in Christ at a point in the future. He will unite God’s purpose for creation completely (1 Co 15:27; Co 1:20). The entire purpose of creation will find its completion in Christ.

in one all things in Christ,

“In Christ” is the theme of chapter one. God chose to sum up our sphere of being in Christ as the main point, the summary of God’s plan. He brings the fragmented and alienated rudiments of the universe together. God’s purpose is “in Christ.” He is the focal point of God’s plan.

The union expressed by “in one all things” refers to union with Christ. Thus, the union is a union by redemption. The parallel passage of Colossians 1:19-20 is decisive of this passage referring to redemption. The union here is reconciliation by the blood of Christ for the subjects of redemption.

both which are in heaven and which are on earth

These words expand the words “all things” in the phrase “in one all things in Christ.” There will be harmony in man and in heaven. Everything will unite in Christ in heaven, never to be divided again. There will be eternal harmony there. All things will come together in Christ in heaven and earth in the termination of time.

—in Him.

Everything in the universe revolves around Jesus Christ.


When Christ comes to fulfill God’s purpose in time and space in the Millennium, everything will add up.


Today heaven and earth are out of sync. One day, however, Jesus will put everything in sync and harmony. The Millennium will show how government should be run. Jesus will put all things in order then.

“All things” refers to the totality of things, everything in heaven and earth. This speaks of the whole universe, both material and rational. All of this is under Jesus Christ.

One day in the Millennium everything will finally add up (Co 1:19-20). At present everything is fragmented. We are frustrated when we try to understand what God is doing in the universe.

God will complete the seasons or dispensations in Christ. At the end of the Millennium Christ will fulfill all the purposes of God. He will have met all God’s demands both spiritually and materially.

Today Satan is the ruler of this world, but one day Jesus will universally rule the world. He will dispose of evil, both surd and moral. He will fulfill God’s purpose for history at that time (Phil 2:10-11).