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11 In Him also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestined according to the purpose of Him who works all things according to the counsel of His will,


In Him [Christ]

The repetition of “in Him” is emphatic. Christ, and Christ alone, is the person in whom Christians are incorporated into God’s plan.

also we

The “we” here refers to Jewish believers. Verse 13 refers to Gentile believers by “you also.” “Also” gives the connection to God’s purpose of operation grace.

have obtained [being made] an inheritance,

“Obtained an inheritance” means to cast a lot, to obtain by lot. God chose Jewish believers in His eternal plan. God claimed Jewish believers in Christ as His portion.

being predestined

God’s predestination of the Jewish believer did not come by whim or caprice; it came from His purpose and will, not chance.

according to the purpose of Him

God’s plan accords to His purpose (Eph 3:11; Ro 8:28,29). He was deliberate in how He thought about His plan for Jews and Gentiles.

who works all things

“All” carries an absolute sense. God leaves nothing out when He makes a plan.

according to the counsel of His will,

“Counsel” has the idea of deliberation. “Will” is God’s designs for the universe in His foreordaining purpose. God’s purpose came to us by a plan; God foresaw and foreordained what He was going to do with Jews and Gentiles in the church. The church was ordered by His control or sovereignty.


We make our best decisions when we understand God’s ultimate plan for us.


Our inheritance is another indication of the wonderful grace of Jesus. Because God identifies us with Christ, we should identify with His life (1 Jn 2:6). We are to extend mercy like He extended mercy; we are to love like He loved.

One day God will reward us with an inheritance that we do not deserve. We will inherit millennial blessings with Jesus (Ro 8:17; 1 Co 3:21-23).

We make our best decisions when we fully understand God’s comprehensive plan for the world. This requires a comprehensive understanding of the Word of God.

Since God controls all events of history, He inexorably moves those who receive Christ toward their eternal lot.