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22 in whom you also are being built together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.


Verse 22 discusses the function of the temple. It is to be a place of God’s presence.

in whom

Verse 21 began with “in whom,” and this verse begins the same way. Both phrases refer to Christ as the Cornerstone (v.20). Our position or status in Christ puts us in standing with God. God places each believer in this corporate church.

you also are being built together

The Jews of the Old Testament had a physical temple, but now both believing Jews and Gentiles are a spiritual temple. Christians are the “living stones” that make up this temple (1 Co 2:5). God is in the business of constructing a dwelling place for Himself out of believers.

for a dwelling place of God

“Dwelling” presents the idea of God’s permanent dwelling or living at home in the church. The universal church is a permanent dwelling place of God.

in the Spirit.

“In” the Spirit refers to the indwelling of the Spirit where He abides in the church (1 Co 3:16, 17; 6:19; 2 Co 6:16).


A temple is a place where God can fellowship with His people.


There is no place for self-pity for those who possess God’s divine operating assets. Christians have the high privilege of fellowship with God. The church is a dwelling place of God where the Holy Spirit dwells in the church (1 Co 3:16). What a fellowship this is! God indwells the church as a habitation. He does not live in a church building but in the universal church. The universal church consists of people gathered from every part of the world and across the centuries.

The Holy Spirit also indwells individual believers. We have eternal company living inside us. We need to be on good behavior. We are on good behavior when people visit our home; we need to be on better behavior when living in God’s presence. This will determine what we do and say. Each believer is a habitation or dwelling of God.