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15 from whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named,


from whom

“Whom” here is the Father of the previous verse. The church is a family matter.

the whole [every] family

The foundation of all sonship rests in Jesus Christ. Every Christian is a member of God’s family.

in heaven and earth is named,

The Father is the prototype of fatherhood; He is the Father from whom every human family derives its name. The human family has an Archetype Father. In addition, the church itself is one grand family of God. God names us after Himself as His own peculiar people (Ro 9:25, 26).

Those who do not know God as their Father have another father, the devil (Jn 8:44). The difference between these two radically different fathers is spiritual birth. Those who have been born again have God as their Father.

The idea in biblical usage of naming implies character. Thus, a name is more than something that distinguishes one person from another. A name shows the true nature of a person.


God’s people take on the title of family members of God when regenerated.


God is the prototype Father; He is the archetypical Father. Every other family derives its family pattern from Him. There is a policy of Scripture that relationship to God revolves around the family. Our descent from the Father affects our nature. We are from one common stock that derives its nature from God the Father. A father is someone who trains, disciplines, cares, provides for, and guides his children. He shares good times and bad times with them.

All people on earth in one sense have their origin in the Father, and in another sense they do not. On the one hand there is the spiritual family of God, and on the other hand there is the idea that God formed the principle of the family as a divine institution. This is especially important in our time because of the assault on the family. The family originates in the very nature of God as Father.