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2 with all lowliness and gentleness, with longsuffering, bearing with one another in love,


The fourth characteristic of a worthy walk under our positional truth is the willingness to forebear with others who mistreat us.

bearing with one another

We bear with another by the three previous virtues. Bearing with one another is forbearance, a restraint of self when we would ordinarily lash out at others. The words “bearing with” mean to forebear, to restrain self.

in love,

The reason Christians forebear mistreatment by others is their capacity to love in the face of issues with others. This is agape love. Forbearance is to go beyond mere mechanical putting up with others. We are to exercise our actions toward others in the sphere of love. Love is the catalyst for our forbearing with others rather than hurting them.


Bearing with one another in love involves receiving mistreatment from others without retaliation.


Christian character is not peevish or crotchety. The idea of inwrought grace is the opposite of self-assertion. However, it does not suggest weakness. Moses was meek because he understood he was the object of God’s grace in his life (Nu 12:3). This and the other, previous attitudes exercise grace toward others in love without retaliation.

All of us have peculiarities. We have them and our mate knows it but loves us anyhow. We do not try to change people we love; we accept them for who they are.