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6 one God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.


The word “all” occurs four times in this verse, referring to Christians. This verse shows the unity in the Father.

one God

A fundamental doctrine of both Judaism and Christianity is that God is one (Deut 6:4; 1 Co 8:4-6; Eph 4:3-6).

and Father of all,

God is sovereign over everything that happens to the believer. The ultimate role of the Father is sovereign control over His family.

who is above [over] all,

The idea of “above” is over. God is transcendent. God’s sovereignty is the uttermost apex of unity.

and through all,

The Father’s omnipotence sustains the universe.

and in you all.

The Father’s omnipresence is in all believers. God is everywhere; He indwells us all. He fills every dimension of life with His presence.


Unity rests upon doctrine.


The Bible places emphasis on the ultimacy of the Father (1 Co 3:23; 15:28).

Today there are those who advocate unity among all churches without doctrinal distinctions. They say, “If we could only merge all churches, everything would be beautiful.” External unity has never worked nor will ever work. Ecumenism has never worked. What we need is internal unity based on the unities from verses four through six.