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15 but, speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things into Him who is the head—Christ—


The means of growth for Christians is to learn from those who “speak the truth in love.”

may grow up

In contrast to the infants of verse 14, believers are to “grow up” in the Lord. Christians grow from a state of immaturity to maturity through gifted men who teach them truth. This truth gives stability to the church. The more we know the fullness of Christ (Eph 4:14), the faster we grow and the more mature we become.

God’s purpose for the church is that it might reach the platform of maturity and that each of its members contribute to that maturity by reaching the point of being spiritually mature themselves.

in all things

“In all things” relates to the goal of comprehensive likeness to Christ. We subject our entire lives to His will and purpose. That is, we grow in “all” the communicable assets of Christ. There is an enormous gulf between immature and mature believers due to their capacity to understand the wonders of who and what Christ is.

Living truth in love is both the means and result of spiritual growth. As we apply truth and live in love we become more like Christ. As we attach ourselves to Christ by faith, we grow. God then brings us into closer relation to Him and His character.


Maturity is the development of comprehensive likeness to Christ.


Spiritual growth rests on knowing the Word, not on human techniques or external methods. It takes protracted exposure to teaching about who and what Jesus is to develop comprehensive likeness to Christ.

Upon his pending death, Peter made sure that his people became established in the truth (2 Pe 1:12-15). We cannot assume that our congregation will maintain adherence to the truth. The sin capacity will battle against God’s truth. That is why we need to follow Peter’s pattern of making sure our people are rooted in the Word.