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9 (for the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness, righteousness, and truth),


Verse nine is a parenthesis. The thought flows from verse eight to verse nine.


The “for” explains what happens when light comes into our lives.

the fruit of the Spirit

The “fruit of the Spirit” is fruit that comes from light. There is also a fruit that comes from darkness (Eph 5:11).

Some manuscripts have the word “light” rather than the word “Spirit” in this phrase. In either case, the three characteristics of fruit are goodness, righteousness, and truth. These three spiritual features manifest what a true Christian is.

is in all goodness,

The Greek word for “goodness” here is what is moral excellence; it is good both in nature and effectiveness. This is an active good that benefits others. This is a word that is others oriented (1 Th 5:15). “Goodness” is a fruit of the Spirit (Ga 5:22).

righteousness [righteous],

The second fruit of the Spirit is “righteousness.” Since we have God’s righteousness, we pursue righteousness (1 Ti 6:11; 1 Jn 2:29). The idea is to adhere to what is right. “Righteousness” is God oriented.

and truth),

“Goodness” pertains to God, whereas “righteousness” relates to our relationship with God; however, “truth” relates to the Christian’s personal integrity. We are to practice truth in every way: (1) believe it, (2) speak it, (3) live it.


Imbibing the light of the Lord affects our behavior.


No can live without manifesting fruit of some kind. Non-Christians show what they are by what they do; the same is also true with Christians. Unbelievers display fruit from the dark. Christians show fruit from the light.

All Christian production comes from their entrance into the light. All production must be done in the sphere of goodness, righteousness, and veracity. All Christian fruit must be intrinsically good (integrity toward others), acceptable to divine standards (integrity with self), and operate under the sphere of God’s revelation (integrity toward God by knowing principles of the Word and applying the Word).