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13 But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light.


But all things that are exposed [reproved]

Non-Christians love darkness even though light shines around them. Light in the Lord and in the Christian exposes their attempt to hide their sin in darkness, but they cannot hide from the light (Jn 3:19,20).

are made manifest by the light,

Light exposes evil. We see things for what they truly are by exposing them to God’s revelation. Light throws a strong contrast to the dark.

for whatever makes manifest is light.

The light of God’s Word clearly exposes what is in the dark. Whatever goes public is revealed for what it is.


The best way to reprove darkness is to shed light.


A Christian cannot be neutral about the dark; he or she must expose it for what it is. We stand against the dark by showing the true light. Exposure to God and His Word dispels darkness.

Light reproduces itself. Those who love the truth seek light. Those who love darkness avoid the light of God and His Word. The light of God dispels darkness. Darkness is dispatched by the light. The Christian dispels darkness by being and giving the light, not by denouncing dark doings. We do not win people by disparaging their sin; we win them by the light of our message. Our task is to turn on the light of God’s truth.

Whenever the light penetrates a person, it dissipates darkness and brings everything to view. Light makes everything clear. It will make sinfulness appear for what it is.