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7 with goodwill doing service, as to the Lord, and not to men,

with goodwill

A Christian slave regards his human master’s will as his own will. His attitude is to be the best he can be. A sullen attitude does not represent who Jesus Christ is. A Christian does not need to be compelled by his master to do a good job at his task.

doing service,

A Christian does not need extrinsic motivation to do his job.

as to the Lord,

Whatever a Christian does at work, he or she does it as serving the Lord. It is unto our exalted Christ that we serve.

and not to men,

A Christian’s motivation for work is not primarily to please his boss but the Lord.


God is the audience for what we do.


A master’s severity cannot extinguish the will of a slave who operates under the greater will of the Master in heaven.

Each day is a day for doing the will of God. The Spirit-filled Christian seizes on every day to serve God (Co 3:23). He works with the idea that God is watching.