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10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

Verses 10 to 20 argue that Christians face spiritual warfare. Believers need to realize that they are in a stark supernatural conflict. We confront an arduous and spiritually dangerous foe.

Many believers experience crushing defeat in this warfare. This happens because they rely on their own strength rather than draw on God’s cache for spiritual combat. Many believers lie wounded in spiritual hospitals waiting to heal from their injuries.

Verses 10 to 13 summon the believer to put on his spiritual armor in order to be “strong in the Lord.”

Verses 14 to 17 set forth the believer’s divine armor.

Verses 18 to 20 present the dynamics of prayer in spiritual conflict.


Having concluded instructions to various groups within the church, Paul now transitioned his thoughts to address all Christians with a last chain of exhortations. These challenges about spiritual warfare are the last major section of Ephesians.

my brethren,

Paul viewed the Ephesian church as members of a family at war with spiritual forces.

be strong in the Lord

The Lord’s strength is sufficient for any spiritual battle. We cannot battle Satan in our own strength. The source of our strength is always at the heart of spiritual warfare. Appropriation of God’s strength is the issue centering around our spirituality (2 Ti 1:7).

The Greek sense of this phrase is to “allow yourselves to keep on being strong” in the Lord. We need to be made strong by the Lord. Christians must allow themselves to be controlled by the Lord. The strengthening comes from an outside source (passive voice). Christians cannot empower themselves in a spiritual war; they need an outside resource. The requirement is to be empowered by God Himself.

and in the power of His might.

“Power” is inherent strength. The idea is of manifest power. “Might” is the power that overcomes resistance.


The Christian life is a battlefield and not a playground.


We draw Christian strength from God’s power. Christians must be careful to muster their strength from the right source. If we charge into spiritual battle without God’s power, we put ourselves in a vulnerable place. We constantly need to have a sense of our weakness.

Many Christians fritter away resources God gives them. Our strength is “in the Lord.” We seize God’s power by faith. When we exercise faith in God’s provisions, then we become strong. To be weak is sin; it is a sin against our resources and our God.

The Christian who rushes into spiritual battle without drawing on God’s strength is heading for spiritual defeat. We cannot trust ourselves in this conflict. That is why we must be “strong in the Lord.” It is His “mighty power” that will win the war. We can be full of God when we are empty of ourselves.

The source of the Christian’s strength is “His mighty power.” Believers have extraordinary power at their disposal. It is sufficient to deal with the diabolical powers around us.