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15 and having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

and having shod your feet                                        

The Roman soldier wore a half-boot made of leather with a sturdy sole and spikes. The idea is that the soldier can have sure footing during conflict.

This phrase does not refer to spreading the gospel but to certainty in the gospel. The believer needs certainty if he is to “stand” in the battle of believing in the gospel against the demonic world. Conviction comes from certainty in God’s promises.

with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

“Preparation” is preparedness or readiness to fight as a Christian soldier. Good footwear allows the Christian to march or fight (Ro 10:15). In every case, he must be ready to move.

The gospel gives both alacrity and stability. Whether we advance or defend the gospel, we have a sense of peace with God. Doubt trends toward fear and hiding in one’s shell. Conviction about the gospel makes one aggressive with the gospel. The gospel causes peace.


The Christian needs proper footwear to fight the devil.


The gospel of peace is the footwear for the Christian engaged in battle. Confidence in the gospel prepares the believer for battle. There is irony in the idea that the gospel of peace readies us for war.

The gospel means that we are at peace with God. We have confidence in our assurance of life with God forever.