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2 He was in the beginning with God.


The apostle John made sure that his readers did not miss the significance of verse 1 by developing verses 2 and 3.

2 He [this one]

The word “He” means this one and designates the Word as the specific Agent of creation. “This one” pinpoints the nature of the Word in verse 1. Since the Word was eternally related to the Father, He was equally God (John 5:18; 19:7).

was in the beginning with [face-to-face with] God.

The Word was preexistent with God before creation. He eternally existed with the Father. The Father and Son were constantly in face-to-face fellowship together. Both held their distinct persons in this fellowship.


The Word and the Father lived in eternal distinctness and lucidness.


The Word or the Son is from eternity uncreated, for He is eternal God. The humanity of Christ began at Bethlehem, but His deity existed eternally with the Father. His personality and deity were without beginning.

The acts and words of the Word are the acts and words of God.