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25 and had no need that anyone should testify of man, for He knew what was in man.


Opinions of people did not add anything to Jesus’ perception of things because He knew all things in any case. Looking on the outer appearance can lead us astray. Jesus was never deceived.

25 and had no need that anyone should testify of man,

Jesus did not concern Himself with what man thought of Him. God, not man, would ratify Him as the Messiah. Jesus does not need human beings to ratify His authenticity as the Messiah. Natural man does not have the capacity in himself to know supernatural things.

for He knew what was in man.

Jesus knew the hearts of those who professed to believe on Him. He knew it was a phony faith. They wanted a political king who would save them from Rome. He saw the superficiality of their belief (1 Sa 16:7; Ac 1:24).


Jesus did not believe in everyone’s “belief” in Him.


Jesus can look into the heart of every man. He can detect any superficial belief or conduct. We cannot impress Him with our phony actions. He has a thorough understanding of human nature. He has no faith in some faith. Jesus can see through phony claims to believe in Him.

Some leaders today give their followers more credit for loyalty than they possess. Jesus was never fooled by phony followers.