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21 But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God.”


This verse is a contrast to those who live in the domain of darkness. There are, however, those who courageously and willingly expose themselves to the truth.

21 But he who does the truth

Doing the truth” is to act according to the truth God has revealed. Proper response to revelation is the point here. When we do this, it will allow us to come to the light. Doing the truth is not doing religion or self-righteousness.

“Does” can mean lives. The idea is to be faithful to God’s revelation. This kind of person comes to the light. When people comes to faith, they are characterized by living with the truth. The person doing the truth is already a Christian.

This is a person who is opposed to falsehood and what is simply appearance. Truth involves action as well an abstraction.

comes to the light,

There are those who respond to truth in contrast to others who hate the light. They “come” to the light. They willingly expose themselves to the truth. There is a close relationship between the truth and the light. The idea is they are true to what God revealed about Himself. Coming to the light is the core issue because it determines whether we will spend eternity in heaven or hell.

There are some who welcome the revelation that comes with the light of Jesus. Jesus said in effect, “Nicodemus, if there are people who have positive volition toward the truth, why don’t you welcome the truth as well?”

Since the person “who does the truth” is already a believer, this coming to the light is more than exercising initial faith in Christ. He not only believes in Christ but he identifies with everything He stands for. This person will embrace what he believes.

Does the truth” is antecedent to “comes to the light.” Doing truth is to act according to the truth. It is for people who accept God’s standard of righteousness and His estimation of their sinful condition. Doing the truth is a positive response to the revelation of that message. By accepting and acting on God’s truth, they come to the light.

There is a close connection between “truth” and “light.” Those who adhere to truth come to the light of who is Jesus. They are not afraid to expose themselves to that truth.

that his deeds may be clearly seen,

Although the light exposes sin, some still come to the light. Truth causes what we do to be manifest. Those that come to the light will show evidence of transformation. Light in the individual will show.

that they have been done in God.”

God transforms those who practice the truth. These are people who live under God’s action because they are truth oriented.


God transforms those who embrace the truth.


“Truth” is something with which many people do not like to deal forthrightly. This is especially true for those who think that they are right with God without Christ. They bury themselves in their deeds in an attempt to gain God’s favor or approbation. When they find that God will judge them even for their good deeds without Christ, they are appalled at the message of the gospel. They then turn from the light.

God places the responsibility to believe squarely on the shoulders of man. Those with positive volition are drawn to Him even though He may rebuke them for what they are. Works of art are not on trial; those that view them are.

Those who embrace the truth of Christ as the light will be transformed by God Himself. Transformation is not something man does but what God does. This is why it is supernatural.