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66 From that time many of His disciples went back and walked with Him no more.


66 From that time

From the time of the bread of life discourse, most of the superficial disciples ceased to follow Jesus in Galilee.

many of His disciples went back

Ultimately “many” rejected Christ as the Messiah. At this point a large-scale defection from Christ took place. This marks a watershed in the gospel of John, where many of the superficial followers of Jesus fell away.

and walked with Him no more.

The word “walked” means to walk alongside. The grumblers were not willing to walk beside Jesus anymore.


God draws a line in the sand between true believers and pseudo believers.


Left to themselves, sinners prefer their sin. There is no reason for embracing Christ on their own without God’s initiative and intervention to draw them to Himself (Jn 6:44). Salvation is always a work of God’s grace; God is a giving God.