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40 Jesus said to her, “Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?”


After Martha’s concern about removing the stone from the cave, Jesus in this verse reminded her of His promise to her.

40 Jesus said to her,

Jesus now responded to Martha’s concern about opening the grave of a decomposing body. He would give her hope beyond her despair.

Did I not say to you [Martha]

Jesus reminded Martha of an earlier promise not explicitly stated in so many words earlier in the chapter. These words here gather up everything that Jesus said earlier about resurrection.

that if you would believe

Martha needed to believe that Jesus was the resurrection and the life in this situation. Her only requirement for seeing God’s glory was to “believe.” He did not make the miracle about to occur dependent on her faith.

Many did believe in Jesus after this miracle. This erased whatever doubt that she might have had previously.

you would see the glory of God?”

Martha’s belief in the resurrection would glorify God. She would see God’s glory in the miracle. Only believers will see this, not unbelievers. The glory of God is the ultimate purpose of creation and a central value to Jesus. God’s glory is the revelation or manifestation of His attributes or excellences. Here we see the wonder of what He can do.


We need to keep the focus of God’s glory in our lives.


Jesus did not use pomp and circumstance to call attention to the miracle. The fact of the miracle was all that was needed. The raising of Lazarus from the dead was a spectacular miracle from Jesus; however, He did not emphasize the miracle but the glory of God. We need to keep the focus of the glory of God in our lives. This is the true significance of what life is about.

The Father glorifies Himself mainly through Jesus Christ (2 Co 4:6). Unbelief hinders one from seeing God’s glory. It is not whether we are worthy to see it. Faith opens us to the reality of what God has to offer us. We can see His glory by faith. The miracle did not depend on Martha’s faith; it depended solely on Jesus Himself.