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6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

the way [road],

Jesus is the “way” in the sense that He paid for our sins on the cross making it possible for the Father to accept our access into His presence. Jesus is the single road to heaven or into His eternal presence. He made the path to heaven available to all who would believe on Him. He does not merely show the way to heaven but He Himself is the means of going there.

Jesus is the way by redeeming us from our sin. He is our Mediator, the bridge between God and man to heaven (1 Ti 2:5). He is the only one who can connect the vast gulf between God and mankind.

The book of Acts refers to becoming a Christian as “the way” (Ac 9:2; 19:9,23; 22:4; 24:22).


Jesus is the exclusive access to the Father and heaven.


There are not many roads or ways to heaven; there is only one. Jesus did not assert that He merely knew the way but that He Himself was the way to heaven. He was not a way among other ways to heaven. He was no alternative way. God’s way was no conventional path to glory. The way to heaven is to know Jesus and what He did for us. There are not many paths to heaven, but only one. The idea that there is only a single way into God’s presence flies in the face of many in our society today.

Jesus did not claim that He was one way to acceptance with God among many, but that He was the only way to be saved eternally (Ac 4:12; 1 Ti 2:5). His work on the cross by paying the price for our sin made salvation possible. It is a universal truth (“I am”) that Jesus is the only access to heaven. There is no other road into the presence of God for eternity.