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1 “I am the true vine, and My Father is the vinedresser.


and My Father

Note the words here are “My Father,” not “our Father.” Jesus never prayed “our Father” in His personal prayers. The reference here is to the first person of the Trinity. Christians, however, are to use the words “our Father” (Mt 6:9).

is the vinedresser [gardener].

The Father cultivates and dresses the vine; He is the master proprietor for His people. He has two roles in caring for His garden of believers: (1) He trims or prunes the branches that do not bear fruit and (2) He providentially cares for the branches. God does not leave to caprice the care of His people. He allows no believer to go unattended.


The Father as the Cultivator providentially works by concurring in both ban and blessing in each spiritual life.


Branches or believers need much tender care from the Father. We need this if we are to bear “much fruit.” Jesus called upon the Father’s providential action to deal with the apostles (and us) after reassuming His place in heaven. Believers need more cleansing after they begin their new life in Christ.

The Father’s role is powerful in dealing with us. He sent and gave the Son and sent the Holy Spirit in response to the Son’s request (Jn 14:16). It is the Father who is preeminent in His providential care over those He owns. He “cleanses” and “takes away” branches that are non-productive. The first person of the Trinity gives special attention to the branch that does not bear fruit. He will remove the uncleanness of our souls. We need His pruning work.

Believers cannot produce good fruit without it first being initiated by the Father. We must trust the providential power of the Father to work on our souls.