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21 But all these things they will do to you for My name’s sake, because they do not know Him who sent Me.


21 But [emphatic] all these things

All these things” are what Jesus just mentioned: (1) the world would hate the apostles, (2) they would have no affection for them and (3) they would undergo persecution.

they will do to you for My name’s sake,

Persecution will come to the disciples of Jesus because of what He represents–“His name’s sake” (Ac 4:18; 5:41). People will persecute Jesus’ followers because of what Jesus stands for, because of divine revelation, divine viewpoint.

because they do not know Him [the Father] who sent Me.

The word “know” means more than intellectual knowledge; it includes experiential knowledge of God. The Jews of Jesus’ day had an intellectual knowledge of the Father, but they did not know Him personally. It is important to embrace the gospel before one can know about infinite truth. Since God is infinitely beyond man’s capacity to know, there is no other way for man to experience God than by Him taking the initiative to reveal Himself.


Finite man is at the mercy of God to make Himself known.


Mankind is at the mercy of God to reveal Himself. A person by his own wisdom cannot know God, who transcends all creation. His finiteness is limited to time and space, so he cannot comprehend infinite and eternal things except that God would take the initiative to make them known to him. Anyone who truly knows God will also know His Son who came in incarnate form.

Since man is finite, the infinite God is the only possible person who can know everything that both includes and transcends time and space. For a more academic approach to this subject, go to my study here: Or, for a much more complete study, order my book from Amazon here:

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People will persecute Christians because of Christ, not necessarily because of the person who delivers the message. The root of hatred toward Jesus and His followers is that people do not know or understand the nature of God.