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2 has in these last days spoken to us by His Son, whom He has appointed heir of all things, through whom also He made the worlds;


The next phrase gives the second excellency of the Son.

through whom also He made [created] the worlds [ages, cosmos, universe];

The second affirmation about the Son is that He was the Agent of creation. The Son is the intermediate Agent for creating the universe, the entire realm of time and space.

This is more than the one act of creation; it also includes His purpose for everything made. “Ages” includes all things and persons belonging to them. The primary meaning of “ages” relates to time, but here by metonymy it carries the idea of matter as well. It then includes the entire created order. The Son created the stars and planets. It even includes all events; the doctrine of concursus affirms this. You can see the doctrine of concursus here: 

The universe then includes all space and time elements. The Son was co-equal with the Father in creation of all contingencies in the universe. Every principle that guided creation was found in Him. Other passages affirm the same thing (Jn 1:3; Co 1:16). The Son was present at creation and mediated creation.

Here we see that Jesus began all things. As an “heir” He is the end of all things (Co 1:16; Ro 11:36). In verse 3 we see that He sustains everyone in between.


Jesus created the world as a mediate agency.


As the mediate agency of creation, the Son cooperated with the Father in creating the universe (Co 1:16). The Son’s power of creation demonstrates His deity. Only God has the capacity to create the universe. He is a superior being to anyone or anything else. He controls all ages of all time or that will ever happen. He is the sovereign Administrator of the universe.

God has a purpose for everything. The idea that the universe is meaningless is contrary to biblical truth. Nothing could be further from the truth than the idea that time plus chance brought life into being. The great order and system of the universe says otherwise (teleology).

The Son holds priority to the whole created order because of His pre-existence and co-existence with the Father. He is co-substantial with the Father.