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18 For in that He Himself has suffered, being tempted, He is able to aid those who are tempted.

18 For [cause]

The word “for” shows the reason why Jesus being made like His brethren in all things made Him a merciful and faithful High Priest (He 2:17). The genuineness of the humanity of Christ is apparent in that He suffered temptation.

in that

By virtue of Jesus’ temptation, He can come to our “aid” (He 4:15; 5:7f).

He Himself [emphatic] has suffered, being tempted,

Jesus suffered by means of being “tempted.” The emphasis is not primarily on His suffering but that He was tempted in His suffering. “Tempted” means to put to a test. The idea here can mean both solicitation to evil and bear under a trial. Jesus did not yield to solicitation to do evil (Mt 4:1-11). Neither did He bypass or escape the trial of suffering during His ministry on earth or the cross (Mt 16:21-22).

He is able to aid [help] those who are tempted.

Jesus’ temptation allows Him to empathize with believers who suffer temptation. The word “aid” here carries the idea to run to the cry of those in danger and bring them help. Jesus is always ready to help us in times of trouble. The help that Jesus offers is not simply man-to-man but Redeemer to sinner.


Jesus not only suffered for us, He suffered with us.


Jesus is able to give aid to others because He faced the same trials that they have (He 4:16; 5:2). As Jesus succeeded in not yielding to sin in His life, so the believer is not under obligation to sin. It is possible to withstand solicitation to evil.