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1 Therefore, holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling, consider the Apostle and High Priest of our confession, Christ Jesus,


The word “consider” comes from two Greek words, making the word intense: alongside and to think. Thus, the Greek compound carries a vigorous idea—give thoughtful attention to. The idea is to think attentively. The word “consider,” then, has the idea of rigorous or continuous observation—to direct the mind. We are to think intensely about Jesus’ faithfulness in His offices as Apostle and High Priest.

the Apostle [one who is sent, ambassador]

The Greek has only one “the” before both “Apostle” and “High Priest.” This means that Jesus was at once, simultaneously, Apostle and High Priest. Jesus was similar to both Moses and Aaron, but He holds both offices combined at the same time.

The idea of an apostle carries the thought of authority given by someone (Jn 17:3, 18).  In Jesus’ case the Father gave Him authority in His humanity. The Greek word for “apostle” means sent one. Jesus is “the Apostle” sent from the Father. This is the only time that the New Testament applies the word apostle to Christ. The Father sent the Son on a mission to earth.

and High Priest

As High Priest Jesus intercedes for believers (He 4:16). He is our Mediator (He 2:17). The idea of priesthood is that Jesus is our representative before God, much like the high priest on the Day of Atonement. Jesus presented Himself an offering to the Father. He entered the holy place and shed His blood to pay for sin. This was His high priestly function (He 9:26). Today He continues to intercede on our behalf (He 4:16).

Moses was recognized as an ambassador to the people of Israel. Aaron was the original High Priest of Israel who represented people to God. Both offices were invested in Jesus Christ.

of our confession, Christ Jesus,

“Our confession” is the agreement with God to believe in Christ Jesus. The word “confession” means to say the same thing. The readers of Hebrews were true to what God said. The emphasis here is not on the act of confessing but on the content of what is confessed. These Hebrew believers were to accept the message of Ambassador Jesus Christ. Our Lord superseded and fulfilled the Law. Just as God revealed the Law to Moses, so Jesus came to earth to carry a fuller message. Some were ready to revert to their former beliefs as Jews.


There is something to which we must give singular attention.


Believers are to diligently fix their attention on their Lord. Christians are to contemplate Christ without distraction. We cannot disregard the greatness of Christ with impunity.

Jesus is the final revelation of God to man, authorizing His word by His apostleship and His work by representing us as a High Priest. He was our Mediator or broker with God. He secured the Father’s favor on our behalf. He removed the barrier between God and us.