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2 who was faithful to Him who appointed Him, as Moses also was faithful in all His house.

This verse shows how Jesus was similar to Moses. The book of Hebrews seeks to demonstrate the relationship between the converted Jews’ relationship to both Moses and Jesus.

2 who was faithful to Him [the Father] who appointed Him [Jesus],

The Father appointed Jesus to the role of High Priest. Christ came to earth to represent God to men and men to God. The focus of our attention should be on Jesus as our supreme example of trustworthiness. Jesus remained true to the Father’s appointment to His incarnate role. He faced extreme adversity while on earth; He was obedient unto death, yet He remained faithful.

as Moses also was faithful in all His house (the theocratic nation of Israel).

Jesus was similar to Moses, who was a faithful servant in leading the nation of Israel (Nu 12:7). Moses was faithful in leading his people to worship within the theocratic nation (Deut 18:15). Both Moses and Jesus were true to their calling.

Moses was held in very high veneration by the Jews. It is difficult for Christians to grasp how high Jews held this honor. Even the New Testament mentions his name more than 70 times (He 11:25, 26). He was Israel’s law-giver and mediator.

The contrast between the faithfulness of Moses and Christ was a contrast of position in which they were faithful. There is a contrast between servant and son; the son has greater access than the servant. The Son stands in greater proximity to God than the servant. Moses was faithful in God’s house, but Jesus was faithful over it. Jesus occupied a higher office than Moses.


Jesus is our model for trustworthiness.


Both Moses and Jesus were faithful to the tasks that the Father gave them. They both fulfilled the purpose God gave them. Jesus is our model for fidelity to God. He was faithful in the stewardship the Father gave Him. He was faithful to discharge His commission. This is a matter of trust. He finished the work the Father gave Him to do (Jn 17:4).

The Greek word for “appointed” is the word to do or make. Arians used this word to mean that God “made” Christ; that is, that He was a creature, albeit a superior being. However, what God made of Jesus was an Apostle and High Priest. Christ was not created but the Creator (Jn 1:1-3).