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Let us therefore be diligent to enter that rest, lest anyone fall according to the same example of disobedience.


11 Let us therefore

The “therefore” harks back to the previous verse that spoke of God’s rest as His grace. An understanding and ownership of God’s grace is foundational to entering His rest.

The author included himself, using the word “us,” in the challenge of entering God’s rest. This challenge obviously refers to believers.

be diligent [eager] to enter that rest,

“Diligent” carries the idea of zealous. The word “diligent” means eager. Christians should develop an eager attitude to seize God’s grace for their lives. God calls for earnestness in seeking it. Ironically, it takes intense determination to orient oneself to God’s grace! This does not mean that believers merit God’s grace but that it is the means of living under that grace. It requires zeal in knowledge and appropriation.

The diligence here is diligent faith. It is possible to become insensitive to God’s promises and provisions by lack of belief in what He provides.

lest anyone fall

The “fall” here is the failure to enter God’s rest of grace. He is a God who provides. In the desert bodies of Israelites fell because of their failure to trust God’s promises.

The idea here is spiritual defeat (He 4:1). The failure here is not falling from salvation. It is failure to grasp the grace of God for one’s life (He 4:10). It is a reversion from grace living. It is the attempt to live the Christian life by legalism or any other false system of spirituality.

according to the same example of disobedience.

The “example” here is the failure of the wilderness generation to enter God’s rest. They failed to accept God’s grace (He 4:10). God led them right to the edge of entering the land, but they would not believe that God was going to provide for them.


Determination is necessary to claim God’s grace.


Verse 11 calls for full seriousness and determination to apply God’s “rest” or grace (He 4:10) to our lives. It is possible for history to repeat itself. Christians can follow the same pattern of Israel in the wilderness—they can neglect the grace of God and ignore His promises. Believers do not enter God’s rest in a non-sealant way. There needs to be active determination by faith.

Unbelief leads to willful disobedience. Willful disobedience leads to the inability to repent. Christians can reach a point of obstinate opposition to God’s will.