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16 Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

16 Let us therefore [consequently]

The “therefore” here refers to the empathy Jesus as High Priest has in heaven toward those who follow Him. This was the point of the previous verse (He 4:15).

Note that the “us” includes the author of Hebrews. This is dealing with a challenge to Christians.

come [approach]

The word “come” or approach is in the present tense, indicating that we are to approach God in prayer regularly. The high priest in the Old Testament was allowed in the holy of holies only once a year, but the believer may approach God at any time.


Approaching God with boldness means that Christians have assurance that God will listen to them. This boldness has nothing to do with what we do or have done. It has everything to do with what Jesus has done. Christians know that they have an open invitation for God to hear them in prayer. We can expect Him to answer our prayers. We can pray with confidence that God will answer us (1 Jn 3:21).

“Boldly” means with liberty. We can pray with liberty toward God. We can tell God about our sins without His shutting us down. We have Someone who mediates on our behalf. We can have confidence that Jesus is personally interceding for us.

to the throne of grace,

Jesus currently and continually makes intercession for His people (He 7:25). The “throne of grace” is His presence in heaven where He operates in grace toward believers. It is also a throne of grace and not of judgment.

Jesus is enthroned in heaven. The word “throne” refers to the kingship of Jesus when it comes to prayer. He is sovereign in things regarding prayer.


We have confidence in prayer, not because of who we are but because of who our Lord is and what He has done.


We come to God not brazenly, flippantly, but with confidence. We can pray with confidence because we have a sympathetic High Priest in heaven. The word “boldly” carries ideas of confidence or something without concealment. We do not use circumlocution when we approach Jesus in prayer. We can fearlessly approach Him with the assurance that He will hear and answer prayer. We do not have to do a religious toe dance for God to hear our prayer.

If we come in Jesus’ name, He intercedes for us. We do not come in our name or our merit but in His name and merit. He will intercede for us whether we ask Him to or not.