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11 And we desire that each one of you show the same diligence to the full assurance of hope until the end,


Verses 11 and 12 are one sentence in the Greek. These verses are a challenge to move forward in the Christian life. Although what these Christians had done to this point was commendable, there were areas where they needed to develop further.

11 And we desire

The desire of the author was that the readers would continue in the kind of service displayed in verse 10. “Desire” is more than a wish; it includes “full assurance” as well.

that each one of you show the same diligence [strenuous, diligent exertion]

This phrase indicates that the readers of Hebrews were to maintain the good course of pursuing the right things. “Diligence” here is diligent action. The challenge was for them to be eager or earnest. Diligence is the attention we give to something.

“To show” means to demonstrate, display. Christians are to demonstrate by their actions what was said in verse 10.

to the full assurance [sure] of hope

This phrase refers to complete confidence in God’s promises (Ro 4:21). The readers were to be sure about assurance and development. They did not possess this kind of assurance at the moment of writing.

“Hope” values the anticipation of God’s promises. Faith rests on God’s veracity to make good on His Word. “Full assurance of hope,” then, signifies the prevailing persuasion that issues from faith in God’s promises.

until the end,

The “end” here is either the death of the believer or Jesus’ return.


Faith and hope are inseparable.


There is a difference between hope and faith. Faith allows us to cast our trust upon God. Hope sustains us under the pressures and discouragements along the way (1 Th 5:8). Hope values God’s promises in the face of despair. It wards off the blows that come our way. It anticipates the day of realization of those promises. This gives alacrity to daily living and the determination to press forward. Faith looks to the One who promises. Hope embraces those promises. These two dynamics offset the trials we face along the way.